Frequently Asked Questions

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Solar Generation FAQ

Following frequently asked question about solar energy generation:

It is an alternative source of energy that can charge the storage room with the sun when the power grid is limited, for example if there are risks of very long outages or when supply is insufficient. All our systems include the solar charger so you can at any time add the solar panels.

No. Panels only require cleaning when they are dirt, which decreases their ability to absorb sunlight, thus maintaining their efficiency.

It continues to produce energy but in less depending on the density of the clouds and amount of sun received.

Delta 1300 FAQ

About Delta 1300 portable power station:

Theoretically speaking, you can connect as many DELTAs in serial (but not in parallel) as you want. However, the efficiency of the machines will be seriously compromised (The energy consumption of the inverters grows with the number of the connected machines). As a result, we do not recommend to connect more than 3 DELTAs in serial, and it is necessary to fully charge every DELTA before you connect them together. Moreover, connecting DELTA in serial will not increase the rated output, but will expand the capacity.

When DELTA is charged through the AC and DC port at the same time, it will prioritize taking in power through the AC port. After you plucked out the AC cable, DELTA will start taking in electricity through the DC port.

Yes, DELTA can be recharged through your car port and power your devices simultaneously.

DELTA can be recharged to 0%~80% in 1 hour, and be fully recharged in 1 hour 40 minutes.